1st Brooklands Brownies Visit Disneyland Paris

1st Brooklands Brownies Visit Disneyland Paris

On the 22nd of January 2010, 1st Brooklands Brownies were up early to get on a coach heading for Disneyland Paris. Everyone was very excited and eager to see Mickey! The journey took 13 hours but it was full of songs, games, quizzes, food, DVDs and even pass the parcel.

We stayed in small cabins at David Crockets Ranch and on Saturday morning we tucked into an early French breakfast and dashed straight to the park for a day packed with fun! Mickey’s signature was the first of many that we collected in our autograph books! The girls enjoyed a range of adventurous rides and the famous Disney parade, where we met lots of Disney characters, followed by a delicious meal at Planet Hollywood.

After dinner, we watched a Centenary guiding show where we were joined by Mickey and Minnie mouse as guests of honour to help us celebrate 100 years of guiding. We took part in a banner parade, enjoyed campfire songs, watched various acts, such as hoop la la! (competitors from Britain’s Got Talent), and entertainment provided by the many guiding sections that attended the event. Later on, hundreds of Brownies, Guides and Senior Section stood together outside the Disney castle and renewed their promise.

As the next day dawned, the girls prepared to set off home; it had been a long weekend and most of the brownies slept on the coach. The journey flew by and before we knew it we were outside St. John's Church, ready for a nice sleep-in in the morning.

Laura Keller, Brownie Leader

If Laura's experience has inspired you to take your Brownies abroad, contact, GMW's International Adviser, for more information and advice.

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