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What are cookies

When you use our website, we place small text files called 'cookies' (made up of letters and numbers) on your computer, tablet or mobile phone's storage device. Using cookies is a really common practice and helps us to give you the best experience possible on our website. Our cookies are completely harmless as they are technical cookies that are needed to run the web site.

You can find out more about cookies on the Information Commissioner's Officer (ICO) website.

So what cookies do we use?

Session Cookie - This is a cookie required by the system to run. So for example when you request a page, you might store images in a cache on your computer, this speeds up the delivery of the next page you request. Your computer then stores the ID of the cashe in the Session Cookie, so that when you request another page, it will use the local copy of an image if it exists rather than request an image from the source computer. Other temporary data can also be stored in the "Session Cookie" and this data is destroyed at the end of the session.

CookiesAccepted - This cookie is necessary to let us know if you've accepted how we use cookies in the banner when you first access the website. The reason that we ask this question is that in addition to this cookie, we have several third party cookies that run on our web site, so when you say yes, you also allow these third party cookies to be used. If however you do not allow us to use Cookies we set the CookiesNotAccepted Cookie

CookiesNotAccepted - This cookie is necessary to let us know that you do not want us to use cookies. If this is set we remove the third party cookies and we will remove the third party code that generates these cookies from our web site. This third party code is the Twitter and Facebook Feeds, along with the Google Maps and Google analytics.

What third party Cookies do we use?

Google and Google Maps

There are several cookies that come from Google Analytics, a tool that analyses how people use our websites and helps us make changes to the websites which will improve your experience when you use them. It's widely used across the internet and all the data is anonymised so that the data cannot be identified as yours.

We also use several maps that show which areas the divisions cover

Find out more about how Google uses cookies.


We display several Facebook feeds throughout our web site. This is so that you can see the latest news from a particular division or group. The Facebook cookies are used by Facebook to track what people do on their website. For example, if you sign up to an event on their web site it will tag our web site as the source, so that the Facebook group can see where people come from. If you dismiss the use of cookies from our web site, we will remove the Facebook cookies and remove the Facebook feeds.

Find out more about Facebook's cookies and interest-based advertising and how to opt out.


We use Twitter and a few of our divisions use Twitter to tell people what they are doing. The cookie set by Twitter is used to track what people do on their websites, for example if someone shares a story then Twitter will tell the author the source of the share. If you dismiss the use of cookies from our web site, we will remove the Twitter cookies and remove the Twitter feeds.

Find out more about Twitter's cookies and how Twitter uses them

Extra precautions

So that no third party can gain access to your personal data. On the two pages where we collect personal data, we remove the third party cookies and do not display the Twitter or Facebook feeds.

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