County Commissioner Retires

Jane Thompson

On Tuesday 30th November leaders from across Greater Manchester West came together to say "Thank You" to Jane Thompson for all her hard work as County Commissioner.  As well as being a help and inspiration to leaders across the county during the last five years Jane's main acheivements have been:

  • Sending away grant applications and helping raise money for the new Ashley Lodge building
  • Increasing numbers across the county at social and training events for leaders
  • Helping organise large scale events such as Party in the Park and Greater Manchester West's 21st Birthday Party

Although the focus of the evening was to thank Jane, her generosity of spirit meant that everyone was soon thanked for the work and dedication that they have put into Girlguiding. Jane also took the opportunity to say a special thank-you to all those who had helped her in her role in particular; Muriel Tyake, Pat Mayle, Ivan Holt, Heather Mc Bean, Lynda Helsby and Silvia Mc. Greal.

Judith Glenn has taken over as County Commissioner for the next five years.

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