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All Girlguiding units operate as individual charities - regardless of whether they are registered with the Charity Commission. This means that leaders are effectively the unit's trustees - and it is their responsibility to manage unit funds.
More information on running your unit finances can be found here . If you are struggling with budgeting or doing your accounts ask your district treasurer for some support. There is no such thing as a daft question, if you have thought about it you can guarantee someone else will have too.

Subscription Support Grant

Subscription Support

Girlguiding Greater Manchester West has made a subscription support grant of £150 available. It is open to all units in financial need, you can make one application from January to February 2022. You may be offered financial advice and support applying for Gift Aid. 

Please download the form below, read the guidelines and submit the completed form with the relevant information by the 28th February 2022

Subscription Support Grant

Subscription Support Grant

Click on the Word box to download the subscription support grant as a word document.

Click on the PDF box to download the subscription support application form.


Mini-grant application

If your unit or someone in your unit needs financial assistance then please apply for our mini-grant

Who can apply

Units can apply on behalf of an individual (Girl or Leader) within their unit for financial support e.g. towards uniform, residential events, or training. Units can apply for financial support towards rent or programme resources etc.

Districts can apply on behalf of a unit. Divisions can apply on behalf of a District.

Who cannot apply?

Individuals (Girls or Leaders) cannot submit the application; their unit must do it on their behalf.

Applications under can be submitted at any time

The completed application form, together with a copy of the balance sheet from the previous year’s accounts, should be emailed to Paula Taylor at A postal address can be supplied on request.

Mini-Grant application form

Mini-Grant application form

Click on the box to download a form.

Click on the box to download

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