The following GDPR policy outlines how personal details is collected by this web site and how the data collected is stored. It also outlines what we use the information for and when we delete your information.

Two areas of this web site collect personal data

Ashley Booking

This is so that you can book Ashley and we can contact you with regards to your booking via telephone or email. Your details are only shared with the Ashley team as they need to open up the building for you and collect the keys at the end of the visit.

After your visit your details remain on the web site computer until the end of the year, when a report is produced which details how often Ashley was booked and what kind of groups booked Ashley. Once this report is produced in January, your details will be deleted.

For example - If you book Ashley for January 2020, your details are stored until January 2021.

If for some reason you wish us to delete your name, email address and telephone after the event is over, then just contact the Ashley Booking Secretary and your personal details can be deleted anytime after one month after your event is over. We need to keep your details for a minimum of one month after your event is over, in case we have to contact you about lost property that has been found.

Training and Events

This is so that you can book onto an event

Bookings - Your details are stored until the event is over. After the event is over you details are stored for just one month this allows our admin people to run any reports required.

After one month data for a very simple report is created which just states the event, the location and the number of people booked in by the web. Once this report is generated then your details are automatically deleted

Only the trainers or event organisers have access to this information

We do not share the information you provide with anybody other than the teams mentioned

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