K'Dee's Adventures Travelling the world Part 1

K'Dee's collage of adventures

Hey, I’m K’Dee, a Guide and Ranger leader in Swinton and Walkden and also half of the PR Advisor role for Greater Manchester West County. In 2021 I decided to quit my job, rent out my house and travel the world along with one of my best friends Beth. The pandemic and everything that came with it made me realise that you can’t take anything for granted, you have to seize the moment when you can and there is so much to see in the world. That, and I was sick of staring at my own 4 walls all day!  In December, we booked our one way ticket to Mexico City and started all the prep to set off for 14th January. It was sad saying bye to my Guides and Rangers but I promised a blog to keep them up to date on all my activities, so here we are!  Leaving day came around super quickly and before I knew it I was meeting Beth in Heathrow airport and waving off my parents! 16 hours later we stepped out into our new lives as travellers.  Mexico City was amazing. I did not realise the sheer size of it, it is huge! We’re talking 20m+ population huge! So as you can imagine, there were many areas left uncovered to our eyes. We ate lots of churros in El Moro, the oldest churrería in Mexico City, we watched Mariachi bands play songs in Plaza Garibaldi and had a party on a boat in Xochimilco. But by far our best adventure was hot air ballooning over the Mayan pyramids of Teotihuacán. We’d never been in a hot air balloon before, and seeing the pyramids from above was truly special.  Our next stop was to the West coast of Mexico to a little town called San Francisco, or San Pancho to Mexicans (we learnt Pancho is a nickname for Francisco) where we met up with Beth’s cousin and learnt how to surf on the great pacific waves that hit the shore. From the beach we even saw humpback whales breaching on the horizon! We filled our days with surfing, sun bathing, salsa dancing and walking through the jungle. We really loved San Pancho and were sad to leave!  After a week or so we hopped on a nightbus to a new region called Oaxaca which is the food capital of Mexico so we were super excited to get there! We ate all sorts from marquesitas (crunchy crepes) and tacos to chilaquiles (a breakfast dish of corn tortilla wraps cut up and covered in salsa with fried eggs on top) and chapulines (crickets!). Did you know Oaxaca eats more insects than anywhere else in the world?! Beth didn’t really like them but I thought they were super tasty, like bbq flavoured popcorn! After filling our tummies in Oaxaca City we moved down to the coast to a place called Puerto Escondido. Oh boy was it hot! Luckily we had air con in our hostel otherwise we would have melted overnight! Here we hopped on a boat to go do some whale watching. Not only did we see humpback whales flicking their tails and breaching (this is a rare thing to see) right next to our boat, we also saw dolphins flipping out the water too! It was a magical morning, we feel so lucky to have seen what we did. My favourite thing in Puerto was releasing baby turtles on the beach. There are 8 different species of sea turtles in the world and Mexico is home to 7, with the region of Oaxaca welcoming 5 to it’s coasts every year. We went to a local turtle sanctuary where volunteers help protect the eggs once they’ve been laid but also clean up the shorelines so turtles young and old don’t get caught up and hurt. We waited in line with a coconut shell and scooped up our turtle ready for release. I named mine Chiquito. He did a great job of getting down the sand and into the sea. I felt so proud of my little turtle as he swam off in the waves! Did you know turtles have an in built tracking system in their brains? This means they come back to exactly the same spot every year to lay their eggs. If I visited again in 12 or so years, it could be my little Chiquito’s eggs that I would be releasing! After a week or so we decided to hit up our next region of Quintana Roo where we visited tourist spots such as Cancún and Playa del Carmen and visited friends who were staying in Tulum. We rented bikes and cycled to some nearby cenotes. The Quintana Roo region is really famous for it’s cenotes, which are crystal clear bodies of water often found in the jungle or underground. We had a great time jumping off platforms and swinging off trees into the water like we were Tarzan! Our last and final stop in Mexico was a place called Bacalar. We hadn’t actually planned to come here but we saw a video on Tiktok (see, social media can be educational at times!) and we were so glad we did. The area is in land but sits on a beautiful blue lagoon where you can swim, sunbathe and visit los rápidos (a natural lazy river!) on rubber rings. We rented kayaks and took them out on the water which was super fun.  We had the best time in Mexico and are so glad we chose to start our year of adventures here. We have met some great people and already made so many memories that will last a lifetime! Our next stop is Belize so we’ll catch up then. Thanks for reading, K’Dee x

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