Never too old for a Challenge

Trefoil Guild takes to the stage

The Trefoil Guild joined Sale Gang show, for the very first time in 2010. They joined the show as part of the 100 years of Guiding celebrations. Kath Shaw, Lynda Marsden, Shelia Clark and Margaret Holt, formed the core of the group, being on stage every night, while other members of the Trefoil Guild joined the group for one or two productions.

Lynda Marsden wrote the sketch, which was based around the camp fire and included songs and little pieces to make you laugth.

For Kath Shaw (pictured far left) who has helped with the Gang show for over 10 years, starting as the extra pair of hands who were needed to help produce the Brownie number, to her current role as Wardrobe manager, it was the very first time that she has ever been on stage. In fact for most of the Trefoil Guild, this was their very first production, which just shows that whatever age you are Guiding can still offer challenges.

Kath and the group said that they all had a great time, and that they would all give the stage another go, just not next year. 

The Trefoil Guild song

Have a go at the Trefoil Guild song, especially written for them by Bill Hawksworth

We're the Trefoil Guild,
We're here, we're here,
It's been a 100 years,
and we're still here

But who knows when
we'll be together again
with guiding here,
to give you cheer.


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