If your daughter is between 5 and 7 years old we have 6 Rainbow units who meet in the Urmston area.  With meetings every weekday night in Flixton, Urmston, Carrington, Partington or Davyhulme, you are bound to find a safe place close to home or school for her to look, learn and laugh wuth a whole bunch of new friends.

For 7 to 10 year old girls we have 11 Brownie units in the Urmston area.  There are meetings every weekday night in Flixton, Urmston, Carrington, Partington or Davyhulme, so there should be one that fits in with your girl's love of adventure where she can explore, have fun and make discoveries.

Our 6 Guide units in the Urmston area cater for girls bewteen 10 and 14 years old.  We have lots of activities which take place on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday night in Flixton, Carrington, Partington or Davyhulme.  Guides provides an ideal environment for your daughter to get invoved in all kinds of activities that you wouldn't find in school or at home.

For young women older than 14 we have lots of opportunities to become a Young Leader helping one of our units or we have one Senior Section  unit that meets in Urmston on a Thursday night.  The Senior Section offers a flexible, fun programme open to young women from their 14th until their 26th birthday.  The opportunities are immense from international volunteering to improving your CV.

For anyone over 18 (male or female) there are lots of opportunities to become an Adult Volunteer helping the units on a weekly basis or we have district helpers who help with Admin tasks such as PR or accounts once a month.

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Liz Southern

Liz Southern (Urmston)

The Division Commissioner is responsible for the support and management of guiding and the development of adults in Urmston.

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